Hi Guys! Welcome on the homepage of Tiafighting Wrestling Club! You can find here real fighter women and normal girls too, who want to try theirself in the wrestling scene. The most fighters on this page have got some sport experiences and able for competitive wrestling, semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, scissor session, foto and video shooting and some light domination.

Very important : Please NEVER ask for erotic service! We are NOT a company offers sexual stuff. 

Most of the girls are travelling in Europe. You can find the travel details under "Tours" link on this page.

If you wish to see more details about a fightergirl, who you are interested for,  you can click on "The Fighting Girls" and read the informations. 

More pictures you can find under "Galery"

If you wish to book a session with the girls or ask something special you can contact here or write to the email adress.

The fighters are visiting events from time to time. We are working with companies together for events and video shooting. 


We have own clipstore too. You can find it under "Downloads"

Please visit our facebook site too with actual pictures and informations.


Have fun and big kisses 


The Tiafighting Wrestling Club




- Angol